EXHIBITION : Never Ever, Ever After – First Editions

Passersby have no doubt been wondering why the Batch-Makers studio has been in such disarray lately – it really has been turned upside down the past few nights…

No we’ve not been burgled… the reason the arch is such a jumble at the moment is that it has been the site of intense industry! Spencer has been preparing for his debut solo show with new work under the title Kid In Deed (site underway – linking soon)…

The exhibition launches on Thursday 12th, with drinks and DJ, at 6pm at Old Portsmouth’s very excellent Jack House Gallery. You are all welcome to come along!

Entitled “Never Ever Ever After – First Editions” the artwork you’ll find will be hand-pulled screenprints of book cover designs; pulp fiction illustration, slick lyrical graphics for collections of prose and a gritty piece for an essay on hype… the thing is, these books don’t exist – well, they didn’t, outside Spencer’s daydreams that is.

Confused? hopefully not… Intrigued? we hope so…

…scroll below for the official blurb taken from the Jack House site jackhousegallery.co.uk


“5 Nights On The Tiles With Elster”  7 colour screenprint – one of the imaginary books never published by the equally imaginary publishing house Killer Crush.

“Nestled on the shoreline of the British south coast, a printmaker dreams of being a world renowned author. A spinner of compelling fiction, an eloquent essayist and no-holds-barred biographer of femmes fatale, scuzzy rock’n’rollers and, all manner of calamitous daredevils the world has never heard of…With clunky prose and unpalatable verbosity, however, not to mention his distinct inability to execute a single satisfying conclusion to any false-start narrative, a scribe’s life has been kept out of reach. Despite this, armed with a print press and an urge to publish, Spencer (of Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables) has chosen to simply bypass the writing part of being a writer.

‘Never Ever, Ever After – First Editions’ is a show that sees the launch of a new ongoing project released under the moniker Kid In Deed… the collection showcases the book cover designs of an author who never was, Kid Freeman, arranged both by genre and different (fictional) publishing companies that never have, and never will, put these books into circulation.

Imaginatively self-mocking and high on style, this exhibition of empty book covers is not devoid of content, but aims rather to conjour the stories from the audience, demonstrating our sophisticated, media savvy abilities to judge a career by its covers.”


PERSONNEL : Welcome aboard Josh!

We have been meaning to post this announcement for a little while now… We have an exciting new artist joining us! the very talented Josh Willis – or, as his ever-rising number of instagram followers know him, WoshJillis (@woshjillis)


Aaron Draplin portrait

He’s got some fantastic skills and we’re really looking forward to getting him properly installed – welcome aboard Josh!


Louis Theroux portrait

Josh also has a very cool STAR WARS themed exhibition coming up – let us tell you about that in a couple of days… thanks for reading – thanks for sticking with us.

FEATURE : Island City Stories 60sec Film

Check out this neat film project by first year students of the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).

All the different Hotwalls artists got shot and interviewed for these a month or more ago, each by a different team. We’re very pleased with our Batch-Maker one, especially as Spencer (Petting Zoo) prattled on and on during the interview, no doubt making a concise and cohesive edit a pretty tricky achievement.
One beautiful shot of the screen clamps has caused a little giggle, as one has a rubber grip and the other requires a DIY-rigged concertina of cardboard to hold the screen in place (amusingly not making the cut) …not to worry, that’s kinda how we roll, improvising and not sweating the small stuff too much.

We hope you enjoy it and leave a comment, or follow, or share, or at the very least go to the Island City Stories site to watch the other Hotwalls flicks (all around a minute long).



screenprinting video : printmaker interview

A still from the Batch-Maker Print Studio film by Island City Stories : Click HERE to watch it.



NOTICE : A Couple Of Dates Away 2017

We have taken a while to get into a rhythm down at the Hotwalls – but most issues and obstructions have been managed… We have always made it a policy to dedicate our weekends to the space and to guarantee passersby that they can drop in every weekend afternoon (we try and get their earlier but we can guarantee from 1pm till at least 6pm).

This coming weekend however (13th & 14th of May) is an unavoidable closure sadly – The Petting Zoo Prints contingent have a show in Brighton they must invigilate – and then again in June (the weekend of the 6th & 7th) they will be manning a poster stall at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona…

…we apologise for this little glitch in our regular service and thank you for your understanding!


EVENT : Hampshire Open Studios 2017

Super advance notice this, but later this Summer a number of Hotwalls Arches (including us Batch-Makers) are open for the first time in conjunction with the annual Hampshire Open Studios event : 19th – 28th August 2017

There is a plethora of work to take in, this growing event really does warrant your investigation if you’re a maker or collector…

Click here for more details : http://www.hampshireopenstudios.org.uk

We’ll post another reminder as the date nears – cheers!




Welcome to the Batch-Maker Print Studio

Studio No.8 at the new Hotwalls artist complex in Old Portsmouth is currently home to a new start-up collective of artists who all enjoy (amongst other disciplines) the practice of screen-printing paper by hand.
We chose the name Batch-Maker because screen-printing is a stencil based process which allows for multiple pieces of each artwork to be made (called editions), which can be sold at more affordable prices than one-offs. Instead of mass-production however, we opt for small, collectable, limited editions …we call this approach “batch-making”.

Learn more about the Hotwalls project here : hotwallsstudios.co.uk

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