FEATURE : Island City Stories 60sec Film

Check out this neat film project by first year students of the University of Portsmouth’sĀ Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).

All the different Hotwalls artists got shot and interviewed for these a month or more ago, each by a different team. We’re very pleased with our Batch-Maker one, especially as Spencer (Petting Zoo) prattled on and on during the interview, no doubt making a concise and cohesive edit a pretty tricky achievement.
One beautiful shot of the screen clamps has caused a little giggle, as one has a rubber grip and the other requires a DIY-rigged concertina of cardboard to hold the screen in place (amusingly not making the cut) …not to worry, that’s kinda how we roll, improvising and not sweating the small stuff too much.

We hope you enjoy it and leave a comment, or follow, or share, or at the very least go to the Island City Stories site to watch the other Hotwalls flicks (all around a minute long).



screenprinting video : printmaker interview

A still from the Batch-MakerĀ Print Studio film by Island City Stories : Click HERE to watch it.




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